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Organizations sponsored by M3V
M3V is proudly sponsoring several not for profit local, regional and international organizations.
MSDS Management - MSDS Explorer 2.0 launched...
INDIANAPOLIS, IN: M3V Data Management is pleased to release a significant upgrade to the online MSDS software application, MSDS Explorer, for the most user friendly MSDS Management system available. Designed for any company or institution facing the challenges of handling and maintaining paper copies of Material Safety Data Sheets, or for anyone currently using an online MSDS solution, MSDS Explorer 2.0 is designed to keep track of thousands of MSDS records in a simple, affordable interface for only $50 per month!
Over the many years that M3V Data Management has been developing electronic solutions for MSDS Databases, we found two common situations experienced by a number of companies. The first one involved companies using 3-ring binders or file cabinets to keep track of MSDS sheets. They were now facing the daunting challenge of storing, updating and locating specific MSDS records quickly. The second was from companies that had found an electronic MSDS software solution only to find that it was difficult to learn and use as well as much more costly than they had originally believed to manage an MSDS online library. [More...]
Dept of Homeland Security Chemical Compliance...
M3V Data Management Announces Chemical Management Navigator Has Been Updated to Assist with new Dept of Homeland Security "Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards".
Chemical Management Navigator, a software application from M3V Data Management, has been recently updated to allow chemical facilities across the US to comply with the new "Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards" (CFATS).
Indianapolis, IN, November 15, 2007 --( The Department of Homeland Security is putting in place new regulations for facilities that manufacture, use, store, or distribute certain chemicals above a specified quantity. The list of chemicals that defines and establishes thresholds is more commonly known as: Appendix A of the “Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards” (CFATS). If a facility is required to be compliant with this new regulation, they must complete what is called a “Top-Screen” assessment. [More...]
M3V Data Management Announces new Website
INDIANAPOLIS, IN. The debut this month of the new M3V Data Management web site provides a much-needed resource for anyone in the environmental, health and safety fields looking for web-based data management solutions. The new M3V Data Management web site went on line September 22, 2008 and contains information about M3V’s products and applications along with industry news, useful EH&S information and a huge new useful links section.
Existing clients may logon to the new, customized portal to access their specific applications. Prospective clients looking for more information may read about all of the M3V Data Management online, view and download product literature, or even view a short demonstration of the software and sign up for immediate access. [More...]
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