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Organizations sponsored by M3V
M3V is proudly sponsoring several not for profit local, regional and international organizations.
Environmental Task Manager (ETM): An integrated tool to manage EH&S documents, commitments and deadlines, such as meetings, reporting dates, permit renewals, etc., The software sends automatic reminders via email when these action items are due. The database/portal can be installed on your intranet or hosted on a web server.
Chemical Management Navigator CMN®: Dedicated to the Environmental Manager the M3V’s Chemical Management Navigator CMN® is a tool to track and report chemical inventory. Chemical Manager Navigator can keep track of quantities purchased and used at multiple facilities with multiple locations and the associated information from the MSDS, purchasing files and production usage. The large built-in list of reportable chemicals and automatic report generation makes compliance reporting an easy task.
MSDS Explorer: Automated MSDS program, a productivity-increasing tool by providing faster MSDS access and retrieval and consequently increasing productivity, safety and profitability.
Reduces time spent locating and updating MSDSs. < /br> Insures compliance with OSHA by having the most current sheet
Training Tracker: The Training Tracker is a web-based solution for EH&S managers, business and HR administrators to conveniently keep track of their employees' training requirements and qualifications for one or multiple facilities.
The application eases viewing, monitoring, recordkeeping, pending or completed training classes and recognition of employee’s certification.
Environmental Health and Safety Document Database/Portal: where all the E&HS information is organized by location, type or version with easy access via intranet or web-enabled.
Source Monitoring and Laboratory Analysis Database/Portal: tool to manage integrated multi-party information regarding sampling collection, site information, automatic upload of laboratory results and automatic report generation.
EH&S Project Manager: Communication and Coordination Web-based tool with access to site, team, actions/tasks, equipment information with automatic file uploading, and report generation, providing cost and time savings.
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